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Displacement has a devastating impact on learning, and often leads to education being denied or interrupted. Children and youth may suffer from traumatic experiences and a loss of social networks that provide protection and support. The capacity of education systems to deliver quality education is often significantly reduced during and after conflicts. These factors weaken a young person’s ability to learn, develop and access opportunities.Quality education provides protection, a sense of normality, a way of healing trauma, and hope for the future. Evidence consistently shows that education is a top priority for displaced people and should be made available from the onset of an emergency.In 2018 1,074,779 people benefitted from our education work. Your donation to this project will help our education work around the world in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Uganda, and Colombia. This is an ongoing project and funds will be allocated as conflicts grow and shrink around the world.Please visit the NRC's education web site https://www.nrc.no/what-we-do/activities-in-the-field/education to learn more.

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